Recognizing the impact that Covid-19 has had on our industry, we are taking the appropriate measures in an effort to maintain the safety and well being of our clients and talent.
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Important Information

Beware and Be aware of the following:


Should you be approached by someone posing as a representative for T•H•E Artist Agency please email us at or contact us at 202.342.0933 to verify.
T•H•E is NOT scouting overseas.

REAL Models Don't FREElance

It is ALWAYS safer to be represented by a professional agent or manager who has the knowledge and experience to act on behalf of your best interests. Freelance models do not have the same familiarity with industry standards and rates, nor access to legitimate clientele.
Always be careful, do your research, and think twice before accepting ANY modeling job.

Model Contests

ALWAYS research modeling contests to ensure they are legitimate enterprises. Many competitions are staged with the sole intention of making money, not finding new talent to represent. Be sure to inquire about any participation fees, the identity and qualifications of the judges, in addition to the prizes awarded.


We stress the importance of NEVER participating in street castings. Street castings are open castings, typically posted on social media sites. Accredited agencies and legitimate clients DO NOT participate in street castings to to find new talent.

Please, be aware that street castings can be very dangerous for young people looking to break into the world of modeling. Although acceptable in the past, open castings now often conceal and perpetuate human trafficking.

To learn more about what you can do to avoid and help prevent the horrors of human-trafficking, we encourage you to visit

REAL Clients Call Agencies

Professional clients wouldn't dream of spending their valuable time booking models on an individual basis. Licensed and experienced companies will hire models through agencies. Please, ALWAYS be wary when you receive direct booking requests from ANY company.
Take time to research the person who contacted you to ensure the legitimacy and safety of the booking.

Modeling Schools, Classes & Seminars

STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN Modeling is a business like any other. In order to work, you must first meet the requirements of the industry. If you have what it takes, find yourself a legitimate agency to represent you.
Your agency will provide you a management team who will advise and direct you according to your strengths and those areas needing improvements. Please Note: Agencies make money when you do! Not before!

T•H•E is not a modeling school; the opportunity to obtain knowledge of the market and gain assistance with development is extended to all talent.

Fashionable Opportunities, Classes & Seminars

There are multiple components to the fashion industry - each person has their own opportunity. If you do not have what it takes to be a model, do not be discouraged. You may consider:

  • Event planning/public relations
  • Merchandising Design
  • Hair and Makeup Styling
  • Wardrobe styling
  • Personal shopping
  • Acting/voiceovers

The opportunities are endless

Good luck with everything!