Recognizing the impact that Covid-19 has had on our industry, we are taking the appropriate measures in an effort to maintain the safety and well being of our clients and talent.
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Protocols For Photo Crews During COVID19
1. Minimize the number of people in the building. Know what the local rules are. In many places, the limit is 10 people, some places it may be even fewer. Regardless of the limit, the fewer people in the building the better. It should be possible to do this with less than five including talent and crew.
2. Clients/talent/Crew should enter the building via the shortest possible path and touching the least number of surfaces. Have clients/talent call ahead when they arrive and have doors propped open by a crew member for arrival/departure.
3. Clients may bring the on-set talent plus one producer. However, at all times they must be at least 6 feet from each other. If multiple on-set talent is needed, try to time stagger them and have them arrive/depart accordingly. No waiting in groups.
4. Talent should be placed at chairs/tables that have been sanitized before their arrival. That stage area should be the only place talent is throughout the production. No crew member should come within 6 feet of talent. Provide hand sanitizer at the talent’s position.
5. If sound is being used, if possible, rely on boom mic audio only. If a wireless lav is required, the lav should be sanitized and left at the talent seating position before their arrival. The talent should apply the lav themselves. That may limit the ability to hide lav mic wires. Compromises are needed during these times.
6. Crew members should wear appropriate protective equipment. Details may depend on the client’s requirements and situation and may include face masks and gloves. Use them correctly to avoid cross-contamination.
7. All crew members should be checked for symptoms before arrival, which may include a temperature screen. Anyone with a cough or temperature should not be allowed on set. Assure the client that everyone has been screened. Consider keeping a screening log for everyone to see on a whiteboard on set.
8. Provide the crew with hand sanitizer and means of cleaning the equipment, especially equipment that has come in from off-site.
9. Keep the crew to the absolute minimum. For a live stream, consider keeping some cameras locked off and only have one manned camera. A crew of three could consist of one camera operator, one sound mixer and one live stream operator yet still produce a multi-camera live stream.
10. Crew must remain at least 6 feet from talent at all times. To the degree that crew positions can also maintain distance from each other that should be considered. Maintain crew roles more strictly. While it’s nice to help each other out on a small set, if most equipment is only touched by a single person there are fewer contamination vectors.
COVID19 Sanitation Protocols for Hair & Make Up Artists
Build a portable sanitation kit:
2.)Barbicide disinfectant
3.)Additional disposable masks
4.)Gloves, preferably vinyl
5.)UV light box ( mid size for Makeup brushes.) ( large for Makeup and Hair brushes/tools combined)
Helps with quick sanitation on set.
1.)Be informed: consider the job, fashion show, advertising, catalog, editorial...
2.)details: how many models?
If catalog ,observe the brand, is the look fresh faced or formal ect.
3.)product: Pack kit accordingly.
It is advisable to Pack only necessary makeup for the job. Less is more during covid.
Downsize the large kit.
3.)tools: double and triple up on brushes. Less makeup, more tools.
If three models are booked, 3 sets of essential brushes will be needed. Separate each set into lg. Ziplocks and label with each models name.
4.)suggestions: during covid ask models to bring their own mascara, It will save on cost and time.
Use old school latex sponges that can be discarded after use. May wish to pause on the beauty blender for now.
5.) cover makeup pallet with disposable wax paper sleeve or sections of “press and seal” wrap.
Easy cleaning, discard after use.
6). Absolutely no double dipping!
All lotions, balms and makeup must be distributed to a palette for use.
Hint: use disposable clean mascara wand to shave eyeshadow onto pallet. Spatulas work best for everything else.
7.) wash and sanitize tools after every use. No more excuses for a soiled kit.
We are cleaning for health!
1.) Be equipped with multiple brushes and combs. No longer should we use the same brush on multiple models.
( You know you do)
Brushes must be washed and sanitized after each use. UV light box will aid in sanitizing quickly.
2.) bring multiple towels and capes.
A set for each model.
3.) models often do not arrive with freshly cleaned hair. It’s okay to request that they do. It’s easier to create “Next Day hair”with product then to be concerned about health.
4.) Exceptions: natural textured hair, weaves, textured hair that has recently been smoothed.
There is a greater amount of time and cost invested for the model to wash and wear one of the above styles with little to no notice for a next day booking.
( our beautiful brown skinned girls know it’s true)
5.) men’s grooming: must wash( soap and water bath) and sanitize any cutting tools.
Barbicide spray or wipes for clippers.
COVID19 Sanitation Protocols for Wardrobe Stylists
During this unprecedented period of COVID19, more than ever it is imperative that Wardrobe Stylists and Makeup Artist take Sanitation very seriously! One of the ways that Viruses and Germs are spread is through Blood Borne Pathogens. This means any time you come in contact with blood; or bodily fluids from the mouth, nose or eyes; viruses and other pathogens can be transmitted! Proper use of gloves and mask is crucial in order to avoid cross contamination! Knowing the difference between
1. Constant Washing of Hands is imperative before, during and after any job.
2. Wearing a new pair of NITRILE (vs. Latex) gloves every time you have a new client.
3. Important to learn « Hospital « protocol for proper removal and disposal of gloves.
4. Disinfection of your work space with Hospital-grade germicidal such as Lucacide or Barbicide or Hospital-grade Germicidal Wipes.
5. Proper Disinfection of your work space every 2 hours. This includes:
• Chairs
• Countertops
• Door handles
• Hangers
• Tools
1. Hand Sanitizer (60% or more)
2. Antibacterial Wipes (such as Wet Wipes or any brand that says Kills 99%)
3. Clean Face Mask like N95 or Cotton Mask with filter
4. Alcohol based cleaner (70% Alcohol or higher)
5. Alcohol swabs -to quickly disinfect earrings, hangers, shoes...
6. Box of Nitrile Gloves (vs. latex because many people are allergic to latex)
7. Small rubber spring clamps
8. Professional Steamer (high heat helps sanitize and kill any lingering bacteria and/or virus a trapped in clothing fibers)
9. Disposable Trash Bags- *All items worn by models must be placed in disposable trash bag to separate them from items never worn*
10. Disposable Dry Cleaner Bags-To prevent cross contamination, it is very important to have CLEAN, NEW Dry cleaner bags to separate « virgin » or unused merchandise from
things that have been worn by the models.
COVID19 Sanitation Protocols for Models
All models will be required to have their own masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer in their model bags. Models will also be required to bring their own robes, slippers, under garments to each booking.
All talent will be required to fil out a questionnaire before each booking (see below). We will
also require all talent to have their temperatures taken the day of the shoot.
Talent Questionnaire Prior to Booking
Today’s Date:
Temperature Reading:
1. Have you traveled outside of the US in the past 3 months?
2. Have you been exposed to anyone with the COVID19 virus?
3. Have you read and understand all the protocol information that was sent to you?